Why Blogging is now the secret weapon for marketing your business

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What is a blog?

According to Darren Rowse, a blog is a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent ‘post’ (or entry) at the top of the main page to the older entries towards the bottom. Something like what you’re reading right now (Caribonix’s Blog)

How many blogs have you read this year? From Jay-Z to Barack Obama, Coca Cola to Mercedes Benz, public figures, brands, politicians and corporate types now use their blogs to share what their readers consider to be interesting and useful. Even here in Trinidad, we see many independent blogs doing it well but do companies really use blogs to educate, entertain and inspire?

If you want to market your business successfully you should consider blogging.

Is a blog right for my business, I do not see why I would need one…. I do not sell online.

Good point. You need to know who your target and current customers are, do you? Are they internet users? Do they use the internet to communicate with their peers? Do they use the internet for research before a purchase? Do they talk about good and bad brand experiences on or offline? If you can answer a resounding “YES” to these questions, you can see where I am going with this.

Keep reading and find out how exactly your blog can benefit your business and boost your marketing efforts.

Sharing perspectives and experiences within your area of expertise boosts your audience

  • Unique benefits presented by your product or service

Your competitors can copy you and your methods if they have the time, but they cannot be you. You are unique, as is your business. Your blog will help you to reach the customers that are looking for the unique benefits your service or product offers. You have a unique business “finger print” that will cause visitors to return to your blog if you do it right.

  • Reveal your personality to visitors to builds rapport and make you relatable

When you blog, it is from your perspective; your words reflect your passion, experiences, and ideas. This human touch will distinguish the information you provide from a textbook or even Wikipedia. You will create a genuine connection with visitors by providing content that readers can relate to as you express your personality. This is an important benefit to you and will definitely boost your marketing of your business.

Educating readers within your industry is a valuable marketing activity

Another great way for you to impact readers is to educate them in your area of expertise. You will be a teacher who is “doing it for a living”, as you reflect and educate. Believe it or not your prospective clients are judging your competence by whatever information that is available. Your blog is an excellent opportunity for your prospects to learn from you and become advocates and evangelists for your business.

Sharing solutions to common industry challenges is a sure-fire way to gain customers.

If your content is of great quality it will be shared by your readers to their peers. Also if your ideas and solution are used by readers, you can expect them to talk about it. This is invaluable word of mouth promotion for your brand; we all know that word of mouth is the most effective promotion.

Prospective customers are using Google to ask questions, let them find your blog

You can thank Google for some of your traffic when customers find you through search engine results. Here is an example:

You are a florist with a blog that talks about the various ways your customers are gifting various flowers and floral arrangements. I can find your blog as I search for the best flowers to get my mother for her birthday or for my special valentine. 😉

You get the point right? Blogging is a great way to share information that can educate, entertain or inspire visitors and at the same time help the right people find you.

If your company is looking for a low cost, long term marketing tool for your business it will be a good idea to invest in a blog. You already have the content, additionally you can make it interesting by including employees and even customers in the process. You have no excuse to benefit from this investment. Get started .. the sooner the better.

Please use the comment section to below to share how blogging has impacted your business or tell me about blogs you interact with.


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I help businesses use the internet to grow their presence and reach new audiences. At Caribonix, I manage sales for web services.

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By Anonymous - 13 February 2012 - Reply

Great post Myron! You have a great list of

By Myron Yarde - 13 February 2012 - Reply

Thank you Abe. It works, we will continue to share what works with our readers who can then implement them.

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