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About Us


Founder, Senior Web Designer & Developer

Oudin N.B. Samuel

Oudin is an energetic web designer/developer with 9+ years’ experience in the web industry. He seeks to enhance and grow your business excellence online. Received awards, OECS Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur Caribbean (2017) and Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurship Regional Challenge Winner (2017).

Our Moral code

For personal and business relationships

The Four-Way Test, was created in 1932 by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor when he was asked to take charge of a company that was facing bankruptcy. The survival of the company was credited to this simple philosophy.

Our Founder and Rotarian Oudin has adopted and implemented this same philosophy for Caribonix employees to follow in their business and professional lives. The Four-Way Test serves as a guide for sales, development, advertising, and all relations with our vendors and customers.

Rotary Four-Way Test By Herbert J. Taylor

Our Mission

To educate, connect and empower small business owners and their teams to save time and grow their businesses with the best management tools available to mankind.

Our Vision

Caribonix exists to empower every business with the freedom to focus on doing what they do best.

About Us

We help business owners succeed online

Based in the beautiful Commonwealth of Dominica, we serve businesses in 13 Caribbean countries and the United States.

Caribonix provides a full suite of Internet services to help Caribbean small businesses grow, compete and succeed online. We also give business owners and their teams the freedom to focus on doing what they do best — core business, customers and products.

While we take care of all your frustrating and time-consuming work. We offer affordable solutions, like web design & development, web hosting, business email, domain registration, website maintenance & care, help & support, content updates, branding, SEO, paid advertising, social media and more.

Basically, we handle everything for you by giving you more than just a website. Get in touch, let’s start your new project.

  • very responsive

    very responsive

    Caribonix do a great job at understanding our needs while providing the quick website technical support we need to grow our association. 

    Wesley G.
    - Executive Member
    @ Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers
  • Helpful and professional staff

    Helpful and professional staff

    Very helpful and professional staff and Caribonix gets the job done in my opinion without hassle.

    Petra T.
    - Business & Marketing Consultant
    @ Xcel Business Solutions
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