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Unlimited WordPress Website maintenance & care service for serious website owners

Let experts take care of your small business website tedious tasks, monitoring and security. WordPress website maintenance, care and technical support all-in-one place.

WordPress Website maintenance and care service for small business

Focus on running your core business We'll handle your WordPress website maintenance.

Unlimited Website Edits

Your own personal webmaster to handle your website content changes and time-consuming tasks. Save valuable time and energy.

Regular Website Updates

Keep your WordPress website up-to-date and running smoothly with weekly maintenance. Safe updates when traffic is lowest.

24/7 Real-Time Monitoring

We actively monitor your website 24/7 with automated site checks to ensure it’s always live. Plus experts available to help fix any problem.

Daily Website Backups

Store a copy of your website data and files at a secure remote location. If anything goes wrong it can be quickly restored to exactly how it was.

Ongoing WordPress Security

A team you can fully trust to protect your WordPress website and keep user data safe. Serious protection for serious website owners.

Emergency & Technical Support

If a crisis comes up, we’ll handle it quickly. Or if you need technical help, we’re available. We mean it when we say we’ve got your back!

How Can We Help You Remove frustration when things go wrong or not work as expected.

Help desk & Maintenance

Answering your questions
Providing technical support
Editing your website content
Performing WordPress updates
Updating your theme & plugins
Keep website updated & relevant

Fix Problems Quickly

Responding to emergencies
Fixing WordPress issues
Restoring/recovery of website
Speeding up your website
Providing WordPress development
Performing database management

WordPress Security Protection

Monitoring your website security
Performing website backups
Increasing WordPress security
Performing regular security updates
Configuring security to block attacks
Removing malware

Get Free Checklist:

33 Must-do WordPress Website Maintenance Tasks For Your Small Business.

An estimated 30,000 Websites are hacked every day, due to poor or no maintenance. Learn everything you need to do regularly to maintain and secure your small business WordPress website.

Free Checklist - 33 Must-do WordPress Website Maintenance and Security Tasks


Service: WordPress Website Maintenance & Care

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2. We Work Our Magic

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