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Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure for Caribonix

Last updated: September 06, 2023

This Affiliate Disclosure (“Disclosure”) is provided by Caribonix (referred to as “we,” “us,” or “our”) to inform you (referred to as “you” or “your”) about our participation in affiliate marketing programs and the potential for us to earn commissions through affiliate links on our website and associated digital platforms. We prioritize transparency and aim to help you understand how our affiliations work.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a partnership between a company or individual (the “affiliate”) and another entity (the “merchant” or “partner”) where the affiliate promotes the merchant’s products or services through unique tracking links. When a user clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase or performs another specified action, the affiliate may earn a commission or receive compensation for that referral.

Affiliate Links on Caribonix

Caribonix may participate in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may include affiliate links to products or services in our content. These affiliate links have unique tracking codes, allowing us to earn a commission when you make a purchase or take a specific action on the linked website.

Transparency and Integrity

We are committed to maintaining transparency, integrity, and trust with our audience. We assure you that our participation in affiliate marketing programs does not affect our commitment to providing valuable and objective information. Our reviews, recommendations, and content are based on our genuine opinions, experiences, and research.

Affiliate Commissions

When you click on an affiliate link on our website and make a purchase or take another specified action, we may earn a commission or receive compensation from the merchant or partner. These commissions help support our website and allow us to continue providing quality content and resources to you.

Affiliate Programs and Partners

Caribonix may participate in various affiliate marketing programs and collaborate with different partners. These programs and partnerships may change over time. We do our best to promote only products or services that align with our values and are relevant to our audience.

Your Choice

Clicking on an affiliate link and making a purchase is entirely optional. You are not obligated to use our affiliate links, and using any affiliate links will not cost you extra. We encourage you to make informed decisions and only purchase products or services you genuinely believe will benefit you.

Questions and Contact

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our affiliate relationships or this Disclosure, please email us at

By using our website and clicking on affiliate links, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Affiliate Disclosure and agree to its terms. We may update this Disclosure to reflect changes in our affiliate partnerships or business practices, so we encourage you to check this page periodically for updates.

Additional Policies

Before using any page on this site, please review the Privacy PolicyTerms of Service, and Affiliate Disclosure. Accessing indicates acceptance of these policies.

Thank you for your trust and support!