How to improve your e-commerce website shopping cart experience

If you are thinking of selling anything online — be it a product or a service — then you’re going to need an e-commerce website. For someone just getting started, e-commerce can seem scary: How do you build it, find or connect with people, and convince them to purchase something from you?

Investing in a well-designed, efficient and easy-to-use e-commerce website with an optimized shopping cart, and checkout flow is a great start. Your goal is to provide the best shopping experience to encourage repeat purchases and reduce the risk of losing potential revenue and customers.

5 Killer Ways to Boost Your Website Design with Photography

Your website is the face of your business online. Whether big or small, one of its main goal is to make a positive and impacting first impression on your website visitors who are interested in your company products and services. Just as you assess potential business partners, employees and personal acquaintances within the first few seconds of meeting them, visitors will evaluate your business within the first few seconds of viewing your website.

In order to create optimal aesthetics and display images that actually convert consumers rather than scare them away, it is vital to invest in the services of a professional photographer, one who can capture your company’s message and communicate it to your target audience through photography.

Use these five tips to ensure that your website makes a great first and lasting impression.

Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website and Online Store

Increased penetration of computers and internet-enabled devices has led to an increase in online shopping around the world. It is estimated that 40% of internet users have at one time purchased or paid for a product online. This translates to more than one billion buyers. In 2013, the total mobile commerce in the United States was over $38 billion. To get a piece of the pie, increase your online presence and revenue, every online store needs to have a mobile-friendly website.

Should you wait to set up a website for your brand or business?

Should you wait to get a website for your brand or business?

In the current modern business environment, companies continuously strive to stay ahead of their competitors by gaining maximum exposure and launching robust marketing campaigns. The explosion of digital media has necessitated online visibility of organizations and online businesses have been the order of the new age.

There is hardly any room for error on the quest to gain business momentum and maintain your organization’s footprint in this cut-throat competition. Getting your business online is your opportunity to represent your organization’s mission and offering (products and services) to newer global clients along with existing audiences. An effective business website will leave an enduring impression on prospective clients and enable your company to enjoy the exposure you deserve; an important step to growth in sales and brand awareness.

This requires an investment in an effective solution such as a professional web presence formulated to enhance your overall brand image and allow your business to be found online. Such a professional web presence takes into account every minute detail of website design, user experience and branding so there is a consistent professional presence for your business.

A professional web presence will enable your team to steer marketing initiatives directly to your target audience in an effective manner. This in turn will help you achieve your business goals and thereby grow your business and achieve needed sales.

A reputed brand name in complete professional web services for Caribbean businesses, that’s Caribonix we offer Free and premium mobile-ready website designs with web hosting included via our Business Website Publishing Platform, Domain Name Registration, Caribonix Mail for Business (email hosting) and Digital/online Marketing.

Our Business Website Publishing Platform takes the hassle out of getting your business online and enables you to publish your creative content via your own website or sell products via an online store (E-commerce) with minimal up-front investment to your business; backed by supporting services such as custom website design and development, graphic design, logo design, content writing, consultation services and round the clock technical support. Each Caribonix professional web solution is customized and tailor-made best suited to our client’s needs.

Caribonix is based in Port of Spain, Trinidad and serves clients across Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean and globally. We empower companies and non-profit organizations to achieve their professional web presence through enterprise-class web services while offering our customers excellent, and effective solutions tailor suited specifically to match their distinctive needs, qualifications and resources.

We at Caribonix, consider quality and value as two main pillars of our foundation. Therefore we offer our clients quality web solutions that can withstand the test of time and best satisfy their requirements.

Hosted business email is better for business than a free service

Let’s be honest.  You can tell a great deal about a company by their email address.  While there are many free email services available including Gmail, Yahoo, and the antiquated AOL and hotmail/live, nothing conveys a higher level of professionalism that your own hosted business email address.  Rather than using the same old type of traditional email like everyone else, such as yourname [at] gmail [dot] com, it works better to have a personalized extension that matches your business domain name instead.  This sends a subliminal message to clients and prospects that you are a reputable and professional business, and put effort into your image.

Hosted business email provides a wide range of other features and benefits, including maximized security against potential hackers, increased spam and virus protection, mobile access regardless of the browser being used, and integrated productivity with calendars, contact information, and to-do lists.  Take your business to the next level with hosted email using your personalized domain name.

If you have no business website as yet, your investment in a hosted business email address at your business domain name, such as yourname [at] yourbusinessname [dot] com is a great first step.

To find out more about the requirements and process involved, send us an email at sales [at] caribonix [dot] com or visit us at . You can also call us at (868) 703-1096.

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How much ownership do you have over your brand?

As a business leader, you are aware that your brand is very important to the way you interact with customers and prospects. Your domain name is the most important part of owning your brand.

Your domain as an asset

Your company domain name is like your company address online. Your domain name should always be viewed as a company asset; this means your team should maintain ownership and control of it. Ensure your domain name is registered to your name instead of your web designer or other third party.

But I don’t have a website as yet

You may not be ready to begin your website project, however if it is important to you that you own your name, register it now.

If you do not have a website as yet, it is still recommended to register your company domain name. This will protect you from having to purchase your branded domain name from individuals or companies who purchase and resell domains at ridiculous mark ups for profit. By securing your domain name for your company, business idea or personal brand you are protecting yourself from unnecessary expense in the long term.

I have a sub-domain on a popular blogging platform, isn’t that enough?

Are you serious? For the sake of credibility for your brand, forget about it. But there is more. Which of the two below are easier for you to remember? or

It just makes sense. A company or a person who neglects to take time to purchase a unique domain name is one that is dismissed as “not serious” about business. Don’t be that company.

At Caribonix Web Services, we make it simple to search and register a domain name. You may contact us now for assistance or search for your ideal domain right today.

How to help prospective customers find your business

“Google me” Can your prospects find your business online?

When I say Google me, I don’t just mean Google your business name or your name. I want to know what the prospective client or business partner finds when they search for your type of business.

What does someone find when they search for you?

Let’s say I’m on vacation in St. Maarten and I type into any search engine “restaurant in St. Maarten” what will the search results return to me (if anything) about your business? Do you have any control over it?

The Internet is the number one information provider.

More than ever before, the Internet is the number one “go-to” resource to get information about businesses locally and abroad. It is now important to have a professional web presence that gives enough information about your business and what a prospect can expect.

 Information about you that you can control

You want to have enough information about what you do available on your website that you own and control. This information will assist a prospect in their decision to contact you or not. It will also allow them to determine whether they want to know, like and trust you (and/or your business).

Everyone wants options

At Caribonix, our idea of a business getting online is about options. Yes, options! We have a goal to give every Caribbean business the option to get online. By making it easy and affordable for businesses to have a great quality and professional online presence, we are making this goal feasible.

You can only be found if you are present

You have the option to present your business to the world, you can use it or not. But by using your option, you are giving prospective customers an additional option. Now the most popular business in your industry doesn’t need to be the one with the biggest marketing budget. It could be you, if you are an option. If your online presentation (content, customer reviews/testimonials, design, etc) is what prospective customers are looking for, then it will be easier for them to find your business online.

So is your business online yet? Or are you online but not getting any results as yet?

If you are online and getting results please tell us more about how, we would love for you to share your success stories with other readers. But if you’re not getting results from your use of the Internet or you’re not online yet send us an email at sales [at] caribonix [dot] com a Caribonix representative will be happy to give you some advice.

 Thank you for reading and if you’re brave enough share your comments below.


Is Facebook enough for promoting my business online?

On a daily basis, I communicate and interact with business owners who serve various industries. One thing I hear very often is “Check out my business page on Facebook”. Without a doubt, Facebook is easily one of the fastest growing social websites or communities. Additionally, it is a very useful tool which I recommend for interacting with your audience, introducing new products and services as well as driving traffic to your website.

Facebook is a great facilitator of two way conversation between your brand and prospects or customers. This is awesome and for the most part useful and affordable compared to traditional marketing. Facebook will help you meet customers where they spend most of their time and this is a good thing but your goal should be to convert this Facebook attention (eye balls) to traffic for your website. Here’s why:

– Ownership: by using Facebook, you agree that they own all content (read their terms of use). Alternatively with your business website, you own the content and determine how it is displayed to visitors. No disappearing of your content into the invisible hole of the timeline; it is important to own your brand online.

– Control of customer experience: because you decide how your website is presented, you can have full control of the experience of the visitor. This empowers you to set goals for conversion based on your own criteria.

– Adverts: usually distract audience from your priorities. While interacting with your brand on Facebook, users are being courted by others as well. Facebook adverts are continuously competing for users’ attention because that’s how they earn revenue; it’s also in their best interest to use your supplied content to advertise back to you and the traffic (eye balls) you direct to their platform. However by directing your Facebook community to your website you have an opportunity for their undivided attention and can better present the value of your product or service.

Wrap up:
The use of social media is important, and useful to your efforts of online marketing and relationship building, however your ultimate goal should be to bring the conversation and interaction back to your website; your official web presence.

To find out how you can grow your business online. Visit or email us at sales [at] caribonix [dot] com for a needs assessment and consultation. Contact us now, there is no obligation. For more insight on how to use the web to achieve your business goals, join our newsletter.

The Globally Networked approach To Commercializing Tech Based Innovation

I had the privilege of attending the “Globally Networked approach To Commercializing Tech Based Innovation” webinar on Thursday November 21st 2011 hosted by Larta Institute, as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The panelists included: Bruce Halpryn, Sr. Director, Technology Development at Procter & Gamble, Rayan Malone VP. Marketing at StudioPMG, Brain Taylor, President of Growing Company, Arama KuKutai Managing Director of Finistere Ventures, Mark Wiederhold President of Virtual Reality Medical Center and Lenka Fedorkova, Assistant Program Manager at the National Institute of Heath.

Inspiration plus Company Culture Breeds Innovative “Caribonixers”

I’ve been asked many times by a few clients, “What makes you guys so innovative?” Where does your innovative inspiration come from? I have always replied with the same answer… “It comes from God.” Therefore if we ever claim to inspire institutions, businesses, persons or designs, the origin of the inspiration really comes from somebody who is bigger than us, working through us.

Now that doesn’t mean that Caribonix is a religious organization. In fact, everyone who is someone (even atheists) believes in something. At Caribonix, our company’s culture is simply designed to accommodate and respect every religion, race, sex and creed. It’s not about what you are or who you are! It is, however, about how well you can do what you do.

Our goal at Caribonix is to create a fun filled, loving, resourceful, comfortable, productive and educational atmosphere that encourages our employees to perform at their highest level. We truly believe in our employee’s peace of mind so much that in the future we may look towards implementing perks and benefits such as washing machines at the office. If you don’t have one home and you’re home on the weekend why not come into the office and wash a few loads? While you wait, feel free to catch up on some work or give yourself a head start for the new week. (Please note we currently do not offer this.)

At Caribonix we are employee centered. We strongly believe that employees are the ones who make the company. The founders simply set the tone and our tone is to innovate. We do not merely offer jobs. We build careers.

If you are interested in becoming an innovative “Caribonixer” simply send us your resume and portfolio to careers [at] caribonix [dot] com.

Check out Careers page and Job listing (editor stated it would better to call it that) page as we will soon be posting available career positions.